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Teachers Playing "Minute to Win it!" vocabulary game - August 2013 Workshop

Teachers from FJ Scott and Emma Vera Elementary in Roma dancing to Los Lonely boys---to illustrate gradual release model ( I do, we do, you). Back-to-School 2013 Workshop

Staff Development at Central Freshman Campus - August 2013

Anastacio was afraid to even answer a question in first grade. He read his story to 200 teachers today!

 Let me show you how to "Jump to conclusions!"

 Lee Elementary - Sports Camp
 Lee Elementary Sports Camp - 2013
  Anthony - "Jumping to conclusions!"
 Lee Elementary - Sports Camp - Feb 2013
 Prove it to Shoot it!
 Sports Camp - multiplication dribble

Sports Camp - Lee Elementary - Poetry in Motion

 Jump to Conclusions Victory Celebration - Saturday Sports Camp - Del Rio, TX Jan 2013
 "Multiple Monopoly Blockout" - Saturday Sports Camp - Jan 2013
 "Prove it to Shoot it!"
 I proved it!  Now I get to shoot it! 
 The line forms here……(Prove it to Shoot it!)
 "Baseball Multiplication" - Saturday Sports Camp
 "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
 "Tic Tac Toe Flexors"
 "Jump to Conclusions"
 "Multiple Madness"
"Palming Perimeter"
      Fun group of Kindergarten teachers - Marion ISD - 2012
                                               Awesome 5th grade math teachers - Henderson - 2012

Teachers at Buena Vista in Del Rio, TX, sharing guided reading lessons - August 2012
Workshop at Buena Vista in Del Rio, TX  August 2012
Angelo Catholic Schools Workshop - Sept. 2012

Angelo Catholic Schools Workshop - Sept. 2012 

Calderon Elementary - Teacher Workshop - 2012

Chelsey and friends from Idaho Falls 

TIA Conference - Pocatella, Idaho - 3rd Grade ELA Team

Judy and Sue at work

 New teacher training - February 2012

Education Service Center - Region XV - Literacy Conference
Keynote: Barry Lane
Math Midway at Reagan Elementary - Feb 2012

Students created a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the poem Casey at the Bat with a video clip entitled "The Homerun."

 Learning about Roswell…..

  Out-of-this-world reading!

"Smarty" Gras!

Judy is available to do customized, educational workshops. Her mission as an educational consultant is to provide quality staff development and interactive tools to schools and/or districts based on specific needs to help improve academic achievement.   
Judy has provided training for over 5,000 teachers at the district and state level!  Her workshops are packed with creative ideas to improve learning and achievement. Teachers can take these innovative ideas back to the classroom and immediately implement them with little or no preparation.  She is available to work with schools and/or districts across the nation to help boost academic achievement.