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Product testimonials


"Wonderful activities! I used these at the end of the year and the kids loved them! Thanks!"

"Great puzzles! Easy to get ready for classroom use!"

"I am always looking for word problems so that students can apply their learning. Thanks for this great resource!"

"Love it!"

"Practice for my students!"

"Awesome! Just what I need for fun practice with my kids! Thanks!"

"Great practice for conversion. Students enjoy doing these."

"Great Product!"


 "Mrs. Knight has used many of the activities included in her book in her lively, educational workshops. Teachers and students love her! She knows that an engaged student is an engaged mind. What a wonderful resource for educators to help facilitate active learning!" -- D. Carter - Educational Specialist

"Judy is a master at engaging all students with her powerful hooks, drawing even the most reluctant learner in to the lesson. Watch your students' excitement with learning as well as their comprehension soar with the interactive strategies presented in this book!" -- T. Callahan, Instruction Specialist

"As an experienced classroom teacher, Judy knows the impact of active learning. The activities in this book are extremely teacher friendly with little or no preparation necessary. The lessons are interactive so kids enjoy the up tempo nature of the activities. This is a book that I will use with my entire staff!" -- M. Fore, Principal

"I attended one of Mrs. Knight's workshops and it was fun and exciting. With her activities everyone is participating and learning at the same time!" -- H. Flores - 5th Grade Student - TX

"Differentiated instruction is the key to the educational mind of at-risk students. The ideas presented in this book work well with ALL students, but especially for the at-risk students. It brings them into learning." -- D. Goforth, At-Risk Coordinator and Author: Scars of Love, Tears of Hope

"Judy was literally my salvation during my first year of teaching. She has been and remains my primary source of information when I am seeking new and inspiring ideas for delivery of lessons. I am eager to get my autographed copy of her book, so that I can finally have all of her interactive learning strategies in black and white!" -- S. Gallegos, Del Rio, TX

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